What Every Teen Should Know About Drug Abuse

It is not uncommon for teens to suffer from drug abuse these days. Even though they start it for recreation purposes, many teenagers end up snorting or injecting drugs more frequently and become addicted to it. A significant number of high school seniors use illicit drugs and prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Seeking the assistance of drug treatment centers on time is the most convenient solution to get rid of substance abuse and addiction. 

Signs of Drug Abuse in Teens

Do you ever wonder if one of your siblings or friends is a victim of drug abuse? Knowing the signs of drug abuse or addiction is the first step towards awareness of the problems caused by drug addiction in teens. There are several signs among which some are subtle and others are very common. 

Some of the signs of drug abuse are:

  • Sudden change in routine and behavior
  • Sudden change in friend circle
  • Isolation from family, friends, and relatives
  • Decline in performance at school (skipping class, sleeping during lectures, grades declining, tardiness, not completing homework)
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Irritability

Common Factors Responsible for Drug Abuse in Teens

In order to prevent the development of substance use disorder, it is important to be aware of common factors that push teens towards drug use, abuse, or addiction. Among teens, it is a misconception that substance use is quite common and most people engage in it. This attitude places higher risk as teens want to experiment with drugs and alcohol when stimulated by peers. 

Among all, social influence is the main factor that encourages teens to experiment and start using drugs. Apart from this, there are other risk factors that develop substance use disorder. 

  • Family history of drug abuse
  • Mental or behavioral condition, for instance, anxiety, depression, ADHD
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Traumatic events such as car accidents, death of dear one, being victim of abuse
  • Social rejection
  • Low self-esteem

Problems Related with Teen Drug Abuse

Many teens become victims of drug abuse because they don’t understand the consequences that may occur in short, medium or long term. On the other hand, a lot of teens think that drugs are cool and they can handle it or control their habits. This is why they keep using drugs and get in trouble once drugs start controlling them. 

Here are some of the consequences resulted by drug abuse:

  • Drug dependence – Teens who misuse drugs are at the highest risk of developing substance use disorder in the future. 
  • Poor Judgment Skills – Teens who abuse drugs lose the ability to make proper decisions and judgment when it comes to social and personal interactions. 
  • Mental Health Disorders – With drug abuse, mental health disorders, especially depression and anxiety often get complicated. 
  • Sexual Activity – Drug abuse cases are associated with high risk sexual activity, unsafe sex, and unplanned pregnancy.
  • Impaired Driving – Under the influence of high-risk drugs, a person may suffer from impaired motor skills. Thus, it is highly dangerous to drive a vehicle after taking drugs.
  • Illegal Activity – Using illicit drugs often result in prison time, probation, house arrest, and court and legal fees. 

Moreover, taking the wrong amount of drugs or combining two drugs together or taking a drug with alcohol can be fatal for teens. So, before it gets too late, help your dear and loved ones get rid of drugs and seek the assistance of a drug treatment center.