Three Reasons Why Visit a Suboxone Clinic in Reno for Addiction Treatment

Suboxone is an effective prescription medication that proves to be highly beneficial in the de-addiction treatment of heroin and short-acting opioids, such as painkillers. When a person is prescribed painkillers for pain management, he/she is most likely to develop dependency and tolerance to the painkillers and (other drugs) over time because most painkillers are opioid-based and opioid leads to addiction when taken for a significant time.

When a person no longer needs to take opioids, it can be extremely difficult to stop using opioids because their sudden stoppage can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Such symptoms make it even harder for people who want to quit these drugs and start leading a healthy lifestyle. Thus, visiting a suboxone clinic in Reno can greatly help them treat their addiction.

Now, you must be wondering, why should I choose only a suboxone clinic? How can suboxone help me treat my addiction problem?

Here are different ways that Suboxone can help you beat opioid addiction:

Reduce the Intensity of Cravings

When a person uses heroin or other opioids, it develops serious cravings in them to take more and more drugs. Being unable to resist these cravings is the primary cause why most people fail to get rid of their addiction. The urge is too great to ignore. Suboxone helps curb these feelings as it works by blocking a person’s opiate receptors. Hence, suboxone is also helpful in reducing the urge to take opioids. As a result, when a person doesn’t experience that overwhelming urge to use the drug, it becomes easier for them to break the hold that opioids have on that person.

Help Alleviate Withdrawal Symptoms

Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. While buprenorphine is responsible for blocking the receptors associated with opiates, naloxone promotes the reversal of opioid effects on the body. Thus, an addicted person doesn’t face withdrawal symptoms as severe as they could face without suboxone treatment. In fact, some people who take suboxone report that they didn’t experience any withdrawal symptoms at all. By taking suboxone, a patient can easily get through the withdrawal stage until their body becomes used to living without opioids again. However, if symptoms arise later, one should consult a suboxone clinic doctor for further guidance.

Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Quitting opioid addiction with the help of Suboxone also allows a person to not worry about the physical and emotional difficulty that most addicts go through without suboxone treatment. Thus, one should not have any concern about how their life will change. Plus, taking suboxone will help reduce the stress and anxiety that patients go through during addiction treatment. Suboxone helps create a sense of calm and relaxation that gives patients the strength to complete the treatment and create a healthier lifestyle. Thus, the chance of success of de-addiction increases even more.

When one combines suboxone treatment with complementary therapies like yoga, meditation, or massage therapy, it can maximize the feeling of overall well-being and cultivate a sense of leading a drug-free, happier life.

If you are also struggling with opioid addiction, visit your nearby suboxone clinic in Reno to learn more about suboxone treatment for de-addiction.