The 3 Tips for Successful Pain Pills Addiction Treatment

Getting addicted to or increasing dependence on pain pills is very much unintentional. The prescribed drugs interact with the opioid receptors, intercept, and ward of the pain sensation, relieving the person from mild to severe pain. Besides, they slow down the heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rates to give a sense of relaxation.

But, this particular functioning of the pain drugs leads to both physical and psychological dependence, even taken as directed by the doctor. Without your notice, the opioids incur chemical changes in your brain cells, depressing the central nervous system. It increases the presence of dopamine, one of the brain’s chemical messengers that give a pleasurable feeling. With this interference in the natural cycle, your brain stops making and absorbing dopamine naturally. The minimal natural production increases the dependence of the drugs and you feel discomfort, if not taken on time.

If you have lost control over the dosage or frequency of the medicine has increased than normal, you are on the path of getting addicted or have got addicted to the pain pills. Getting proper pain pills addiction treatment on time is what your body wants for easy and happy living.

In this blog, we have mentioned the tips for a successful treatment.

Use of replacement medicines and detoxification

Opioid withdrawal symptoms can become very harsh for your body, if not handled properly. Firstly, you should never stop taking drugs suddenly. Your nervous systems which were suppressed due to the effect of the drugs can become hyperactive and would lead to medical emergencies.

The pain pills addiction treatment starts with a medical detox program, which is considered to be the most ideal step to stop taking pills safely. During detoxification, it’s important to have continuous monitoring under the supervision of the professionals. The best is to take admission in rehab for 24/7 supervision.

Other than this, additional medicines are prescribed by the experts for the people who are taking pills for a long time. The interference of other drugs in the process reduces the dependence on opioids.

Attending counselling sessions and undergoing therapies

Detoxification and additional medications help in emitting these drugs out from your body and reaching a physical balance, but you need something in your pain pills addiction treatment to handle the emotional aspect of drug dependence and addiction. And nothing can be better than counselling sessions and related therapies.

Chances of relapse are very high after detoxification and a period of abstinence. It can be very dangerous if the cure is not done from the core. The counselling and therapies, especially behavioural therapy prevent and minimize relapse by helping people learn the ways to control the cravings. Besides, these sessions also help in recognizing the major trigger for relapse and handling stress.

We recommend going for residential addiction treatment as it will help in promoting overall healing and wellness by focusing on both physical and emotional needs.

Long term connection with treatment programs

The general time frame for pain pills addiction treatment program is for at least 90 days. But, this does not mean you will get completely recovered within this time. You should stay in the treatment program until the time your brain needs to heal and come back to natural processing. You should get on with natural habits.

Even if you get recovered, we recommend staying in touch with the experts through Alumni programs. You will have the opportunity to stay connected with the people going through similar circumstances. The same goal and efforts will be highly beneficial in your recovery.

With these shared tips in your mind, we hope you will go through a successful pain pills addiction treatment program and come out of this severe addiction soon.