Seeking Suboxone Treatment in Nevada? Find Out Answers to Some Questions You Might Have

When you choose to visit one of the nearby suboxone treatment centers in Nevada, it’s natural to have lots of questions in your mind regarding the medication. Today, we will discuss not-so-common questions that you must know about to ensure that you don’t take any wrong steps while you are taking Suboxone. So, let’s get started.

Is there any difference between generic and brand name Suboxone?

No, there is not any difference between generic medication “buprenorphine/naloxone” and brand name Suboxone medication. Both are the same medications, and the generic version works as much well as the brand medication.

In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first generic form of Suboxone to help make the buprenorphine therapy cheaper for treating opioid addiction. Plus, it is more likely to be covered by insurance providers.

Can anyone prescribe Suboxone for treating opioid addiction?

Previously, Suboxone could be prescribed by only those doctors who had done “waiver training”. However, due to the effectiveness of Suboxone in treating opioid addiction, the government was under a lot of pressure to make this medication more easily available. This meant expanding the access of Suboxone to a large number of providers who can prescribe Suboxone without additional licensing or training.

Thus, in January 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services removed the waiver training for Suboxone. Meaning, all doctors who can currently prescribe controlled substances can now also prescribe Suboxone. But not all doctors might feel comfortable prescribing it.

In how much time does Suboxone stabilize a patient?

The body of every person is different in terms of how long it takes them to stabilize on Suboxone. Most people feel that cravings for opioids have been reduced within just a few days of starting the medication.

How long can Suboxone block the effect of opiates?

It depends on the opioid you are addicted to. So, depending on the opioid, Suboxone can help block the opioid for about 12 to 48 hours.

Does Suboxone help deal with anxiety from opioid withdrawal?

Once you join a de-addiction program in a drug treatment center in Nevada to receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT), you don’t have to worry about the anxiety caused by withdrawal. Suboxone treatment helps treat anxiety, which is a common symptom of opioid withdrawal.

When you don’t have opioids in your system which it is used to, all opioid receptors in your brain become empty that can result in various symptoms, including enhanced anxiety. Suboxone medication binds itself to these empty receptors and fills them as a substitute for the opioids that once were there. Hence, suboxone helps prevent anxiety as well.        

Can I drive safely after taking Suboxone?

Patients who have just started taking Suboxone are not recommended to drive at the beginning of the treatment. Suboxone can make them drowsy at first. Thus, driving must be avoided until your body gets used to Suboxone. This will take a few days. Once you are on a stable dose, you can drive safely without feeling sedated or dizzy. If you don’t feel comfortable, consult your doctor to adjust the dosage of Suboxone.

If you are also planning to get Suboxone treatment in Nevada and have any queries or doubts in your mind, feel free to connect with us.