Medication can help break the chains of chemical dependence.

Specific medications can help the tormenting and often dangerous phases of the withdrawal period. Many people worry about possible risks from certain medications but the fact remains that using such treatments can help stabilize patients and allow health care professionals to offer assistance.

Suboxone® / Buprenorphine

Usually given as an injection for patients who are struggling with an opioid addiction. 

  • Usually given after the withdrawal period has begun
  • Attaches to key opioid receptors making it harder for opioids to attach

Vivitrol® / Naltrexone

Typically used to prevent relapses due to opioid dependence after detox​ but can also be used to prevent relapses into alcohol or other drugs.

  • Can help prevent relapses into alcohol or drug abuse
  • Should always be used in addition to recovery programs such as counseling
  • an antagonist that blocks opioid molecules from attaching to opioid receptors