Drug Addiction

At Curasive, we understand that what a person goes through when suffering from drug addiction, especially Opioid.  

What is Opioid?

The opioid is a class of drug which is used as pain-reliever to treat many chronic pains. It works very smoothly by lowering the pain signal from the body to the brain and also helps to change the response from the brain towards pain. The opioids are generally prescribed by the doctors because it is safe to use if you use them correctly. In case you start misusing the medicine and avoid following the doctor’s instructions, it will lead to opioid addiction. You might not be able to identify the situation when you got addicted to the drug.

What does addiction mean?

Addiction is the situation when you find that it is difficult to resist without taking the medicine even though there is no pain. You will try to control your mind but still, the body will demand the drug and feel relaxed after taking the same. It will give a severe physical, behavioral and psychological effect to you. Other signs and symptoms of opioid addiction are:

  • Poor coordination and decision making
  • Drowsiness and slurred speech
  • Abandoning responsibilities with less motivation
  • Nausea, vomiting and constipation
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Mood swings with much irritation
  • Problem in sleeping (either more or less than normal)

Reasons for opioid addiction

  • Overdose than the one prescribed by the doctor
  • Missed dose and taking double to compensate
  • Not following the right time

Opioid addiction treatment

Sudden dropping of opioid consumption leads to withdrawal symptoms which will severely affect you so you must follow the right way to stop the medicine. The opioid addiction treatment depends on the addiction level of the patients. In case you are suffering from high-intensity addiction, you will need a rehab clinic for the treatment. Attempting the withdrawal process at home can be risky and life-threatening. You might suffer from withdrawal symptoms that will be challenging to handle.

The center must be equipped with all the required facilities and qualified staff to manage the difficult withdrawal situations. Getting back from the addiction means finding the right track and purpose for your life. So, if you love yourself and wish to get free from the addiction, you can call us for consultation or browse our website for further information.