Consider 7 Essential Factors When Looking for Addiction Treatment During COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has developed and affected many people around the world. Even in the middle of the lockdown, the United States citizens still require mental health and addiction treatment. However, from a practical point of view, with many cities and states reinstating lockdowns, people are wondering how they would be able to receive the treatment they need during such a period.

Fortunately, the detox and psychiatric clinics fall under essential services, and hence Mental Health Rehab in Reno should be able to help patients in need. If you are looking to receive mental health or addiction treatment during this time, you should consider the following factors.

Here are a few crucial factors that you should keep in mind when looking for treatment in Lockdown:

  • Safety

You should ask the treatment center what measures they are taking to ensure that you or your loved one can get treatment without the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Many rehab centers are taking severe actions, which mitigate the risk of taking part in treatment.

  • OperationalStatus

Some centers, for the time being, have shut down new admissions, while others are still open and willing to take new entries, but only after a thorough check of general symptoms such as cold, fever, sore throat, etc.

  • Logistics

In many parts of the country, logistics don’t seem to be a big challenge. Many rehab centers have their ownmeans of transportation, such as buses and vans.

  • Existing Patients

Because of the lockdown, stay for some patients have been extended. However, rehab centers are very cautious and sensitive about the health of their current patients, and almost all clinics have carried out tests and procedures to avoid infections to their staff and patients.

  • Availability of Staff

It is quite hard for the staff coming to the rehab centers, and hence many of the clinics are operating out of a limited support group. Some employees are not able to commute because of the lockdown restrictions, and others are facing some issues because of COVID-19.

  • Online Options

There are clinics that are offering online counseling options for stress, anxiety, and depression. But most rehabs believe that a patient of addiction cannot be treated without being physically present for the program. Although there are some telemedicine practice guidelines, it may not be sufficient for cases when severe medication is involved for treatment of de-addiction.

  • Government Assistance

The Government may address the specific requirements of rehab at some point in time and provide some guidelines and directions.

It is a fast-moving situation, and you need to figure out which centers are operating and which ones are providing alternative treatment options. Mental health is a basic need that is well known and understood by all. So, if you are looking for help in mental health and de-addiction, explore the options available, like the mental health rehab in Reno.